Performer – choreographer – teacher

Marianna is graduated as a profesional dancer at Real Conservatorio Profesional de danza in Madrid. She has been selected to participate at the programs for young choreographers and cultural operators “Costruire Cultura2012” (Progetto Giovani Padova), “Nuove Traiettorie2014” (Anticorpi) and “Ifa2015” (Inteatro). Currently she is  studing BMC® at Movimiento Atlas (Spain).

She has worked with La Cabra Cia (Argentina/Spain), Cia Nada Que Ver (Spain) with Dance Why Project (Italy), La Pochanostra (Mexico) and the choreographer Sharon Fridman (Israel-Spain). Marianna recently has collaborated with the musitians Luca Perciballi for THE PURPOSE OF ME and with Roberto Bonati for the project DAL SILENZIO, IL GESTO, IL SUONO. 

Since 2014 she has created three works about the encounter with otherness: LITOST-THE OTHERNESS (finalist Outlet Award 2016, ); FISICA DI UN LEGAME, duet with the dancer Suzanne Foster; LA VEDOVA, ironic figure on the female universe.

In 2017 Marianna started a research on site-specific creations with BREVI LUOGHI MAI ACCADUTI : a performative project to search for a bound between body and space, KINESIS: performance with 12 citizens in collaboration with the visual artist Bernardo Vercelli, VICOLO SQUALLORE- ARCHIVIO COREOGRAFICO: installation about a month reasearch on a blind alley called Vicolo Squallore in collaboration with the actor Stefano Vercelli, COREOGRAFIE DI QUARTIERE: a teaching project about site-specific creations.

Also she has been involved as choreographer and performer in the international project AS LIFE for the performance AGAIN in tour between Palestine and Italy. This project has been supported by ETRE ASSOCIAZIONE (Milano), JOAO GARCIA MIGUEL COMPANY (Portugal) and BRETAGNE REGION (France).

Since 2005 Marianna leads workshops and classes of contemporary dance, improvisation and composition to amateurs and professionals. She taught her approach to dance among Italy, Spain, Geneve and Paris. In the latest years she has developed several educational projects for children from 3 to 5 and 6 to 10 years old in close collaboration with Magda Siti.

Since 2014, Marianna is based at Drama Teatro producing her works and curating festivals as Dancewoods Festival, Ugo festival, Cinedanza  Festival and teaching programs for kids, amateurs and profesionals.

Marianna is an ironic and multifaceted performer with acting and voice skills, a strong presence and physicality.